FashionPaint USA Accessories and Equipment

Accessories and Equipment

Along with our Paints and Effects, we also offer a complete line of accessories that have been especially selected and tested with our products. Specially designed for use with our materials we have developed with reputable, established companies in Germany, an exclusive line of accessories, which ideally work for the application of our products. The equipment we offer is developed using innovation and quality, distinguished by the manufacture origin "Made in Germany", and are far superior to other competitive products imported from other countries. By using our equipment you will benefit from the advanced tests, samples and optimization that have been put forth into the development of our products and have confidence in their usage.

Spray Guns

High transference rates and low overspray are only possible through the use of LVLP technology. This technology was developed and patented by our partner and manufacturer. Exclusively we offer special editions of selected and technically optimized OPTIMA spray guns.

FashionPaint USA Spray Guns


Flash Polish SP20PLUS is an innovative 1-step polishing abrasive for the automotive industry that has set new standards in the finishing process. Only one product for hologram and streak free polish. Brilliant high gloss with minimal dust. Silicon-free.

FashionPaint USA Polishes

Polishing Pads

We offer a wide range of buffing wheels and polishing pads in various sizes, foam qualities, and hardnesses. These satisfy a long service life, high adhesion and Velcro for a fair price to performance ratio. The wool and innovative foam have been adapted to the needs of Fashion Paints’ finishes.

FashionPaint USA Polishing Pads

Polishing Accessories

Benefit from the years of our supplier’s experience in the automotive industry, by selecting accessories and tools for the efficient application of our paint finishes.

FashionPaint USA Polishing Accessories