FashionPaint USA Chameleon


Chameleon (flip flop) varnish provides a multicolor appearance depending on the viewing angle and under different lighting conditions.

Through the use of very high quality multi-color pigments, the varnish achieves a wonderful and intense Chameleon effect, which draws up to three different colors starting with the base color.

Focus for products from the Fashion Paints program is clearly to achieve a very intense effect, through the use of concentrated base products. The opacity and the productivity of our coatings is a quality characteristic of our company, which our customers appreciate.

The following colors are available:

FashionPaint USA Chameleon Colors

The process of the Chameleon effect:

To begin with you must pre-varnish your object with the Flash base which serves as a base lacquering. For this step you would use the 1K base Coat paint which is available in different colors. We recommend a dark, preferably a black background, because the finished Chameleon effect is best achieved with this color of base.

The Flash Base Coats are set to spray with the Multi Thinner in the ratio 1:1. The high opacity of the base coat uses a low amount of material consumption.

In compliance with the flash-off and drying times, you can now move on to the essential step and paint the 1K - Chameleon Base. The product is pre-set to spray with the Multi Thinner in the ratio 1:1. Thus, you can achieve by purchasing the Chameleon Base and the associated Thinners, two liters of ready to use solution. You paint in two to three coats the Chameleon effect 1K Base. The intensity is related to how much material you apply on your object. If they want a discreet color change, only one layer of the Chameleon base is often enough. If you desire a strong and very intensive color change, you paint multiple layers until you reach your desired intensity.

Finally the Chameleon effect must be sealed with a clear varnish. We offer two clear coats that we recommend to use in combination with our materials:

FashionPaint USA Clear Coat Options

For best results, it is necessary to comply with the technical datasheets. Furthermore, it is essential to only use the compatible components offered by Fashion Paints in order to achieve the physical characteristics of the Chameleon effect.

FashionPaint USA Chameleon Packaging