FashionPaint USA FlashChrome


FashionPaint USA FlashChrome

FlashChrome represents the most advanced technology in the production of effect paints, producing a high-grade chrome metal look or the effect of polished aluminium.

The product is characterized by its simple application, its high yield and brilliant results. It is applied with a conventional spray gun and can be applied to almost any paintable surface.

All components which are in the FlashChrome-Kit have been formulated especially for complete processing including the base coat, hardeners, chrome paint, and clear coat.

Our FlashChrome finish is very comparable to traditional chromium coatings in the shade.

By using the Flash Magic concentrate, you will be able to generate creative and impressive colors on the chrome object. There are no limits to your color choices because the Flash Magic concentrates are available in different shades and can be mixed together.


FashionPaint USA FlashChrome Characteristics

Advantages compared with other systems:

FashionPaint USA FlashChrome Advantages


The chrome effect Kit consists of three components:

The 2-K Black Base Coat with the special hardener is mixed 2:1. This first layer is varnished as a Primer and can be mended after the branding if required.

Dust nibs, varnish runners and orange peel are things which can be eliminated with a little expenditure and by using the special polish system we offer. So an absolutely perfect finish in the first step of painting FlashChrome is possible.

The FlashChrome - the focus of the offered Kits is ready to use – This varnish has to be applied as fine as possible. This means that we have to work with a lot of air pressure and a very small amount of material. Using the FlashChrome based on our recommendation will allow you to cover approximately 8-12m² surfaces in chrome optics by using 1 litre of FlashChrome.

The FlashChrome 2K Clear Coat is a special 2-K Clear Coat which is required as a sealant. This specially developed Clear Coat as well as the matching hardener is necessary to complete the FlashChrome process. The mixing proportion is 2:1 and it gets applied like every other Clear Coat in one and a half hands.

Unique with our system is that no stopping varnish or stabilisation varnish is necessary. Also we are successful in developing the FlashChrome system so that the chrome effect differs very little before and after the varnish with only a small reduction of the chrome effect.

TDS and MSDS for FlashChrome

For more information, view our technical data sheets and material safety data sheets:

TDS for Black Base
TDS for FlashChrome
TDS for Clear Coat

MSDS for Black Base
MSDS for Black Base Hardener
MSDS for FlashChrome
MSDS for Clear Coat
MSDS for Clear Coat Hardener
MSDS for Thinner Normal
MSDS for Thinner Slow