FashionPaint USA Flash Magic - Candy

Flash Magic – Candy

Our Candy Paints are transparent glaze concentrates, which impress with their depth and brilliance. They are suited for all Effect Paint applications as well as for the Custom painting. Our Flash Magic – Pure Candy Concentrates are ideal and very popular to use with airbrushing techniques.

As a Basecoat for Candy Paintings there are two different silver metallic Base Coats available. Depending on how homogeneous you would like to have your Candy painting upon completion, choose between:

“Flash Base Silver Medium” where the candy painting, reaches a uniformly and discreet effect as a result of the chosen medium silver metallic.

“Flash Base Silver Large” where the transparency of the candy painting will create a fascinating surface, as a result of choosing our coarse metallic.

It is very important and significant to mention, that using our Flash Magic Candies will allow you to finish large surfaces totally free of clouds and with very high quality, uniform finishing and excellent adhesion.

Colors Available:

FashionPaint USA Flash Magic - Candy Colors

There are two variations available:

Flash Magic - Pure Candy Concentrate

Available in nine different colors which can be used independently or mixed together for custom colors. You can add the highly concentrated clear color pigments directly to our 1K-FlashBase. It is also possible to put these concentrates directly into the Clear Coat to achieve a color tinted Clear Coat.

The concentration is very high and only 3 - 5% of the concentrates is needed to achieve an intensive color depth. 250ml of the Flash Magic – Pure Candy Concentrate is sufficient for approximately 5 to 7 litres of varnish.

Candy Base – 1K Translucent Base

Beside the concentrates, we also offer Candy Paints in nine different color options, which are already mixed. The mixing proportion with Flash Thinner is 1:1. Therefore when you purchase one litre of Candy Base and 1 litre of matching Thinner, you will have two litres of sprayable Candy paint.

To achieve the optimal depth and finish of the Candy Paint, we recommend using the UHS Clear SB 300 clear coat and applying in several layers.

To seal your Candy Varnish there are two varnishing systems we offer in our product line:

FashionPaint USA Clear Coat Options

FashionPaint USA Flash Magic - Candy Packaging