FashionPaint USA Foil Effect

Foil Effect

The Foil Effect, also known as Marbalizer, is a particularly innovative and highly expressive design effect that creates textured ripple patterns or a wrinkle like finish. You can create unique one of a kind finishes and control the effect using the celophane material in Step 3 of the process. When combined with our other effects, the creative possibilities are endless.

Choose from the following Foil Effect Categories:

FashionPaint USA Foil Effect Colors

With the FOIL Effect Multicolor you have a choice of seven different flip-flops. Each of these has its own distinct color and texture, which is relative to the color of the underlying Base Coat. The Chameleon appearance with the distinctive FOIL effect enriches your finished project.

With the FOIL Effect Xirallic choose between ten different Xirallic colors. This latest generation of effects, which substitutes the Pearls, creates an ultra-fine, yet intense brilliant color accent. The Xirallic combined with the FOIL effect is one of the newest developments.

With the FOIL Effect Crystal Flake choose from nine different micro-fine flakes. Brilliance, glamour and luxury are synonymous with our crystal flakes. This coupled with the FOIL effect has a very classy-looking, highly innovative and creative design effect resulting in a very special finish.

The FOIL Effect Magic is a creation of the famous candy paint with the difference that the candy is contained in the FOIL structure. A dynamic design is created with the distinctive characteristics of a typical candy coating. Nine different colors are available. We recommend for the best effect of this combination the use of our Flash Silver Base. Other Base colors can be used for your own creativity.

The FOIL Effect Classic is like the name suggests and the standard type of the FOIL structure. We offer a wide selection of standardized and proven colors from which to choose. For the substrate, we recommend using light FOILs with a black background and darker FOILs with a white background. This category boasts a unique and custom appearance in all of the classic two color variations.


Step 1: Paint the Flash base in the color which you have selected. Follow the recommended flash-off times in the technical data sheet.

Step 2: Now considering the default from the technical data sheet you varnish the effect FOIL which is ready for use on the base Coat on. Apply from two to three layers to achieve the desired intensity. They receive a varnish film which now can be processed.

In compliance with the requirements of the technical data sheet, you can now paint the ready-to-use FOIL effect over the Base Coat. You will need to apply two to three coats. The paint layer is now ready to be processed further.

Step 3: Put a PVC stretch film on the varnished Foil Effect – using air pressure you ensure that the film is positively applied. Take off the foil. If there are any places that do not turn out to your liking, you can repair the spot or redo the entire area as described in Step 2.

Step 4: Seal your achieved effect with one of the two clear coats we offer:

FashionPaint USA Clear Coat Options

For best results, it is necessary to comply with the technical data sheets. Furthermore, it is essential to use only compatible components and follow the steps precisely in order to achieve the full physical characteristics of the Foil Effect.

FashionPaint USA Foil Effect Packaging