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Glass Color

With the possibility of painting glass are new ways to make creative and individual projects and to refine them with a touch of exclusivity. The scratch resistance, the value and the rich appearance of glass combined with our design and special effect coatings will offer new solutions for your project. These characteristics and advantages far exceed all existing standards.

We offer our customers all tones from the RAL color chart for our Glass Color paints. Our other design effect and varnishes, which you have learned in the previous categories above, can easily be used on the medium of glass as well.

Applications for Glass Color:

- Interior Design

- Exhibit Booth Design

- Furniture Manufacturing

- Architecture

- Art & Design

Flash Glass Color is a specially designed coating system, which impresses with enormous resistance and ease of use since it does not require clean room conditions for its application.

The Glass Color can be applied to the back-side or both sides. When painting the back side of glass, there are many benefits including a surface that is scratch-resistant, protecting the color from wear and damage, and providing depth enriching the color.

Combine effects such as marble, granite, crystal flakes or others in connection with your existing ideas and achieve a unique effect.

Our Glass Color provides endless, creative possibilities.

FashionPaint USA Glass Color Packaging