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Marble Effect

Our Marble Effect closely resembles the actual look of marble or granite as a result of selecting the right materials and precision of our development team.

We offer in our product range coatings and color solutions with which you can easily and exactly achieve this effect on almost any paintable surface. Our Marble Effect allows you to paint any object to give an impression of a solid and massive natural stone. And just like the natural characteristics of marble and granite, no two painted pieces will be identical. Every painted object is truly unique.

Select one or more of the following solutions to give your object the color and shine you personally like best.

The following colors are available:

FashionPaint USA Marble Effect Colors

The paint system and processing:

For a marble effect, proceed as follows:

The surface must be prepared for normal paint application. The first paint layer to apply is the Marble Base Coat which serves as the base and the foundation color of the marble effect. Then you paint a thin layer of mist in the special Marble-effect solution. You can apply several different Marble-effect solutions in different areas to achieve the effect of a genuine multi-colored marble. The next step is to take our special marbling Reducer and dab with an absorbent cloth to lift areas of the paint from the surface of your property. The marbling Reducer allows the Marble-effect solution to produce smooth runs that are similar to the veins found in marble. The Marble-effect solution that remains will produce a marbling effect by the run-reducer thus giving the effect of natural stone. We recommend using a white Marble Base Coat, as it has in combination with the Marble effect solutions the best optical properties.

To create a Burl Wood Marble effect that mimics the rare and beautiful formation of burls, you start with the Marble Base Coat using the brown color then apply the Marble-effect solution in black. The technique for creating the burl is that you instead dab it with a soaked cloth in a clockwise rotation on your object, and thus achieve this fantastic effect.

For a granite effect, proceed as follows:

With the desire to achieve a granite effect, we recommend applying the Marble effect base using the black color. Once this has dried, you administer the White Marble effect base with your paint spray gun administering only a few "paint drops" (keep the inlet pressure very low and also restrict the transfer material to a minimum). By combining this technique, the black granite effect is achieved with white speckles. You can use different variations of the Base colors to create different granite colors and speckles.

Every painted Marble Effect object must be sealed with a clear coat. Fashion Paints offers two clear coat systems which have been developed explicitly for use with our effect paints:

FashionPaint USA Clear Coat Options

FashionPaint USA Marble Effect Packaging