FashionPaint USA Xirallic

Xirallic Effect

Our Xirallic Effect paints produce a high sparkle effect that is intense in color combined with a uniquely brilliant gloss. Our Xirallic is best described and reminiscent of a true crystal. The final look of the Xirallic Effect is determined by the selected base coat color.

The following colors are available:

FashionPaint USA Xirallic Effect Colors

This effect finish is offered as a 1K-Xirallic Base available in nine different colors. The product is undiluted and is adjusted by the addition of the Multi Thinners between 100 - 120%. Thus, you will receive after the mixing process at least two liters of ready to use solution.

The paint system and processing:

To begin with you must pre-varnish your object with the Flash base which serves as the base coat. For this step we offer our 1K Base Coat which is available in nine different colors. The opacity and the yield of the base coat varnish is a unique and high quality characteristic of our house.

To achieve a very intense effect, we recommend a dark, preferably a black, background because with this the Xirallic Effect is best achieved. With the choice of a white base color, you achieve a distinctive, very subtle, yet striking crystal shimmer.

After you have painted the base coat as a base, you will administer two to three coats of the 1K Xirallic Effect base. The intensity is related to how much material you administer to your object. If you want a subtle glow, only one layer of the effect varnish is often enough. For a very strong and crystalline effect, you will need to paint multiple layers until you reach your desired intensity. You can also combine two or more different Xirallics together to create a unique finish.

To achieve the maximum depth of the Xirallic Effect, you need to carefully select the right clear coat. Fashion Paints offers two clear coat systems, however we recommend the UHS CLEAR SB300:

FashionPaint USA Clear Coat Options

For best results, it is necessary to comply with the technical datasheets. Furthermore, it is essential to only use the compatible components offered by Fashion Paints in order to achieve the physical characteristics of the Xirallic Effect.

FashionPaint USA Xirallic Effect Packaging